3 Aug

1. Did anything surprise you?
2. How would you describe Japan after watching this video?



3 Aug

Counting to 10


3 Aug

Bollywood Dancing
1. How is this style of dancing different to other styles of dancing?
2. What do you notice about the costumes?
3. Why was this dance made? (audience, purpose)

Taj Mahl

1. What do you know about this building?
2. When do you think this building was built?
3. Why was this building built?
4. Why do you think this building is famous?


3 Aug

Great Wall of China

1. Why can so many people recognise a picture of The Great Wall of China?
2. What is The Great Wall of China used for?
3. How long might it take you to walk along The Great Wall of China?

Asian Studies

3 Aug

* Japanese teaching website link

Miniture Earth Video

What are you grateful for?

What do you have that alot of other people don’t have?

Who do you think made this movie?

Why was this movie made?

What could you do to help our world?

Asian Studies Websites

3 Aug


Map of Asia

3 Aug